Cabling Clean-up

A clean desk may or may not be the sign of a sick mind, but we think well-dressed network cables are the way to go. It’s true; your file transfers won’t run any faster and your print jobs won’t print any sooner. Maintenance however, will be much easier. Besides that, a nice wiring closet is […]

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Good Habits for a Greener PC

You can reduce power consumption and achieve significant energy savings when using your PC simply by acquiring a few good habits. Read the handy tips below.   The monitor In a PC, the display is greatly responsible for overall energy consumption. Some estimates for laptops show that the monitor accounts for 40% of total energy […]

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Our Blog

Thanks for stopping by! This is a post to get things kicked off on our new blog. Our goal is to share a little, give back some, and maybe even have a laugh. We’ll bring you news from Khamma Group and keep you up-to-date with our firm. We’ll write up some technical how-to articles, especially […]

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