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Cabling Clean-up

Posted in: Blog, Projects by Admin on November 21, 2010

A clean desk may or may not be the sign of a sick mind, but we think well-dressed network cables are the way to go. It’s true; your file transfers won’t run any faster and your print jobs won’t print any sooner. Maintenance however, will be much easier. Besides that, a nice wiring closet is a thing of beauty and shows that someone cares enough to do the job right.

We signed up a new client earlier this year and set about bringing their IT operations up to date. We’ve done a lot of work, but most it doesn’t photograph well. We can show you before and after pictures of the wiring closet at one of their locations though.

Patch panel before cleanup
Not pretty, right? Twisted, tangled patch cables are bad enough, but note the Ethernet switch mounted flat on the wall under the patch panel. It was nearly impossible to perform routine changes.

Power protection before cleanup
A dying UPS was on a shelf in this small closet.  The shelf was in a poor location and a power strip next to it was just asking to be knocked off.

Cabling before cleanup 3
The client’s WAN gear was on a shelf with no support under the left end.

As is common in small business, this closet also houses HVAC, telephone system, cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous.  Given those constraints, we did our best to improve the situation. In this project we…

  • Installed new Ethernet switches on shelves high and out of harms way.
  • Relocated the UPS shelf.
  • Installed a new UPS and wall mounted a power strip.
  • Ran new patch cables of proper length through cable distribution rings.
  • Moved DSL equipment and firewall to high shelves.
  • Cut off unsupported portion of wire shelving.
  • Dressed and Velcro wrapped cabling as needed for a professional finish.

Cabling after cleanup 1

New power management and patch cabling.

Cabling after cleanup 2
Shortened shelves and WAN equipment.

Cabling after cleanup 3
New shelves with Ethernet switches, DSL modem and firewall.